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My Experience

I began my career in 2008 pioneering the UX and product development of BigSofa (now LifeStream), a platform for qualitative researchers. Whilst there I managed a team of designers and developers to build the product from scratch. This gave me foundational craft skills in user research and digital product development, and I won a Ginny Valentine Bravery in Research award for my work on it.

After BigSofa I honed my UX and UI expertise by working in Agile/Scrum teams at Findmypast and BBC Music & Radio.

In 2017 I started working on roles with more focus on design strategy and leadership. I lead a UX, service design and research project at Aviva. After that I lead the registration, sign in and personalisation strategy for the Identity team at The Guardian.

I carried my research and strategy skills on to NHS Digital and worked as a Lead User Researcher on a strategy to help users find the right covid test during the pandemic. I then moved on to helping with the transformation of the NHS Change4Life brand to Better Health brand online.

Since then I have developed my skills, experience and knowledge of design & research frameworks to lead projects. Most recently I lead the discovery and strategy for a B2B product at ATG, and the strategy and discovery for Pricing & Packaging at Dext

Timeline of my experience


Lead the UX strategy for Pricing & Packaging at Dext Software. Travelled to India to run Design Sprints with a start up company in Bangalore. Lead a Service Design project for The Scottish Government with Mace & Menter.


Lead a digital strategy for SuperUnion and Lead the B2B team at ATG


Worked on a strategy for GOV.UK Test & Trace and moved to being Lead Researcher & Strategist for NHS Digital Campaigns


Lead the UX & Research strategy for The Guardian Identity team


Started developing strategic UX experience whilst working for Aviva - transformed Aviva UK Life & Health products


Developed and honed UX & UI expertise at FindmyPast & BBC Music & Radio - contributed to the early formation of BBC Sounds.


Pioneered and lead the development of Big Sofa, now LifeStream.

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