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The Guardian

Leading the UX & Research design strategy for Registration, Sign & Identity in at The Guardian

While I was at The Guardian I ran many different projects alongside a lead Product Manager and Lead Engineer to deliver a strategy for Sign in & Registration. Below is the process I followed for these projects while I was there. 

Guardian sign in strategy 1

Sign in & Registration Strategy at The Guardian

Planning the Research with hypotheses, test plans, screeners and recruitment

Guardian sign in strategy 2

Interviewing participants in

Guardian sign in research sessions

Synthesising the qual interviews and working with the data team to gather data on the sign in/registration journeys

Guardian sign in strategy 3

Playback of the insights to the team

Guardian UX Product Design process

Designing prototypes and wireframes from the ideation workshops

Guardian wireframing and sketching

Mapping out journeys based on different user types

Guardian journey mapping

Planning the next phase of qual testing for the new journeys

Guardian User Research process
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