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Findmypast - Family Tree Landing Page

Google Results For 'Family Tree'

When we started this page we worked out that if you googled 'Family Tree' the link to this page came up first on the list under the non sponsored links. We realised a lot of Findmypast traffic was going strait to that page but the design for this page was entirely uninspiring.


Analysing the original design

The original design gave you a bit of information about the Findmypast family tree and had one call to action button saying 'start your family tree.' It did not allow you to subscribe and start building your family tree.  


User profiling

I created this based on my early understanding of how to create user profiles. I look back on this and remember that it involved a lot of guess work and not a deep understanding of the user base. We didn't conduct user research to create these profiles, they were essentially proto personas.

See my User Research methods to read more about my research process now. 


Other sites/competitors

I looked at some of the competitor websites.


First design with video background

My original design for this page included a video background above the fold, which I filmed showing a catalogue of family photos being built up on a wall.


Final Design

The idea for this page was to tell the story of Joyce Donaldson - a character from the Findmypast marketing campaign. So I created a design that told the story of Joyce's life, whilst showing the key features of the site. 

Once we launched the new design for this page at the end of October 2014 the hit to registration conversion went from 1% to 16% within one month.

  • In Sept/Oct 2014 20,000 who visited the page produced to 100 - 200 registrations.


  • In November 27,000 who visited the page produced 4500 registrations.

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