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Quantitative Live/Data Testing

Alongside Qualitative Research, I use Quantitative Research to gather data from a large sample of users of an existing or potential product or service

Quantitative data testing

Following the user behaviour of existing users of a product or service from a large sample of users interacting with it – this is dependent on whether the existing product or service has user data analysis tracking in place to gather the data

  • Quantitative data looks at what users are doing and their patterns of behaviour

  • Quantitative data relies on gathering a high number of responses to understand and prove or disprove patterns of behaviour on a large scale

  • Quantitative research is numbers based

  • Quantitative research tests should not change while the study is being conducted so that the results are exact and can be properly compared. Unlike Qualitative research, which can change and vary during the study because each study is not needed to compare one against the other, it's to deepen the understanding of something.

Quantitative research image 1

Quantitative Data Questions

If there is access to quantitative data from the Data & Analytics it would be good to gather a list of key questions we want to answer from the data and then ask a Data Analyst to provide this insight.

Example questions might be:

  • How many active users does the product or service have?

  • How do users most commonly enter the journey?

  • Where are they coming from?

  • Which are the most commonly visited parts of the joruney?

  • Which are the least visited parts of the journey?

  • Which are the most interacted with parts?

  • Which are the least interacted parts?

  • Where do users get stuck?

  • Where do they end up?

  • What are the most common incomplete journeys?

  • What are users looking for when they are using the product or service??

  • How long do users spend on the journey on average?

  • What times of day do they use it? Are there more popular times than others?

  • What are users clicking on in the different parts of the journey?

  • What data do we have about users accessing via desktop/mobile/tablet? Which is the most commonly used device to access?

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