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User Research

Good user research comes from a mixed methods research approach. Below are methods I have developed and utilised in my work. 

I use Qualitative Research to understand user motivations and behaviours when going through the experience of a service, product or more

Usability testing comes in when I want to observe users going through journeys of existing technology and software that they use in their day to day lives – to do their job or live their lives...

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I've use software like Qualtrics, Hotjar, Survey Monkey, or UserZoom to gather feedback about users by asking them direct questions.... read more

I have used Video & Diary Studies as a longitudinal form of research to follow users interacting with a product or service over a period of more

The question of 'how many qualitative research sessions are needed for a study' comes up a lot in my work. So I put this guide and structure together to explain my approach to more

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