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Workshop Facilitation

I run workshops with teams & stakeholders, utilising their power to design a way forward. Below are a list of example workshops I have developed. I use these depending on the problems we need to solve as a team.

Stakeholder & Team Alignment Workshops

Aimed at aligning the team and stakeholders to ensure we are clear about the goals of the discovery.

Competitor Analysis Workshops

This workshop involves mapping out competitors, borrowing elements, throwing away elements and identifying the uniqueness of a product.

Empathy Mapping Workshops

Based on Nielson Norman How to generate Big Ideas Design Thinking workshops, these help teams identify the core problem areas and user needs in a journey.

Ideation Workshops

Following Empathy Mapping Workshops Ideation Workshops help team generate ideas in line with the user needs identified.

Impact vs Effort Matrix Workshops

Taking all of the ideas from the ideation and Jobs To Be Done phases this allows the team to identify the priority areas to focus on and work in an agile way towards the delivery of them.

How Might We Workshops

A workshop that can be done standalone or as part of the Stakeholder/Team Alignment workshops to be clear about the problem statement.

Persona/User Segmentation Workshops

In this workshop I work with teams to help them segment users or create personas to design around. It is aimed at understanding that groups of users have different needs.

Process, Journey, Service Mapping Workshops

These workshops are a way of bringing the team together to all be involved in the journey mapping of a service or product.

Jobs To Be Done & Jobs As Progress

Once problems, user needs and ideas have been identified these can be translated in key Jobs To Be Done through the journey, I also use a method that identifies Jobs As Progress.

Strategy Workshops

This workshop can be run to align the team to a strategy identified from the Discovery phase it allows the team to input into the strategy and understand a way forward.

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