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Design Strategy

My Design Strategy approach is underpinned by the User Research and Workshop Facilitation I do, but the process I follow is influenced by Nielson Norman Design Thinking and Double Diamond Agile Methodology.

I use these methods with stakeholders and teams to develop design strategies around user needs. We then fuse insight, ideas and knowledge with business goals. This allows us to set a vision and direction for the product.

I also have Leadership experience to carry a team through the process of design. From Stakeholder Alignment, to Kick Off Workshops, User Research Definition, Ideation and Idea Development. 

Double Diamond
Neilson Norman Design Thinking

My Process working with teams

1. Kicking off the Project

I usually run a Stakeholder Alignment Workshop at the beginning of a discovery phase, before the research has started. The aim of this is to align the team on what is going to be tested, and allow them to contribute to what we are going to discover, and what we want to get out of the project.

Kicking off the Project

2. Discovery & Empathise Phase

Good Discovery research comes from a mixed methods research approach. I go into detail about this in my User Research section.

Discovery & Empathise Phase

3. Define phase

The next part involves doing an analysis phase to combine all of the research and identify the user needs and problem areas.

In this phase we:

  • Synthesise the findings

  • Document the motivations and behaviours of users

  • Segment Users

  • Group the user pain points across the journey

  • Group the user needs across the journey

  • Define user groups (more on this in the next slide)

  • Identify Jobs To Be Done

You can read more about this in my Workshop Facilitation section.

Define phase

4. Ideation phase

I run Ideation Workshops to bring the team together to:

  • Understand the results of the research

  • Identify the behaviours and motivations, pain points, user needs, user groups and Jobs To Be Done as a group

  • Generate ideas to solve problems and meet the user needs identified

Ideation phase

5. Playbacks & storytelling

The last part of the process is playing back the results to the wider team and the stakeholders, and communicating the story of the analysis.

Storytelling is the core thread that runs through all of my work, and is my greatest strength. Using the skills I have developed I am able to play back the findings from my research, bring a vision to life and tell a story. This allows clients, stakeholders and teams to see and understand a way forward for their product.

I have developed extensive experience presenting ideas and visions to wider teams across organisations and I run workshops to bring people with me on the journey.

Playbacks & storytelling
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