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Usability testing

Usability testing comes in when I want to observe users going through journeys of existing technology and software that they use in their day to day lives – to do their job or live their lives.

  • This involves watching how users naturally interact with tools and the software that you want to design or redesign, or prototypes that I have made and want to test

  • This can be run on UserZoom, either testing existing software flows or prototypes.

Rosie Lidington User Research

Usability Testing Example Questions

  • How often do they use the product or service?

  • When do they use it?

  • What prompted them to start using it?

  • How long have they been using it?

  • How useful have they found it?

  • Has their day to day work improved as a result of using it?

  • Which parts of it are helpful to them and why?

  • Which parts of the product or service are unhelpful or not good and why?

  • What would they do to change or improve it?

  • Do they have access needs?

I sometimes conduct research interviews and usability testing together in the same sessions

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