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Qualitative Research

I use Qualitative Research to understand user motivations and behaviours when going through the experience of a service, product or experience.

I look at the mental models of customers using experiences, services or products in their day to day lives.


This allows me to understand the how and why behind a user story. It's important for me to differentiate between Quantitative and Qualitative approaches. This is how I make the difference: 

  • Qualitative research looks at why users behave in a certain way

  • Qualitative research relies on interviewing a representative sample of your customer base to understand the reasons behind their motivations and behaviour. It involves observing, probing and empathising.

  • Qualitative research looks at the way users describe their experiences and the language they use 

  • It allows User Researchers to observe behaviour understand the psychology of a user going through an experience

  • Smaller samples of user groups are needed because as a researcher you are looking for depth not breadth

  • Qualitative research tests can differ, vary and change as your goal is to deepen your understanding about why users do something, and not gather statistical data about what they are doing

  • Sessions can be set up and run alongside/before the Qualitative usability testing with the same participants

Qualitative Research Image

Qualitative Example Questions

  • About them - what they do as a job, what their day to day routine at work is like

  • What tools, products, services they use in their day to day routine

  • How could their day to day routine be improved with the tools, products or services they use?

  • How and why they experience a product or service in a particular way

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