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UX, CX & Product Design

Once I have conducted User Research and used Design Strategy methods to develop the design direction,  I use the following core skills to bring a product to life: 

IA & Content Strategy

I use techniques such as tree testing and card sorting alongside qual and quant analysis to understand how best to structure the architecture of a journey/page. I also work with content strategists and copy writers to tell the right narrative for user goals and motivations.

Card sorting

Complex Journey Mapping

Alongside prototypes, I also create user journey maps based around different user scenarios and types. I use these to communicate each step of the journey to stakeholders and product/development teams. This could be in the form of a flow chart, or screen by screen.

Wireframe sketching

Wireframing & Sketching

I create quick sketches and paper prototypes to map out ideas and put together concepts of how a system could work. This helps me communicate a solution very quickly. I also use Figma or prototyping tools like Axure to create more advanced, high fidelity wireframes & flows.

Wireframe journey mapping


I am experienced using a number of different software platforms including Figma, Axure,, Flinto & Justinmind. I use these to create complex prototypes and interactions.

MVP Product Design


Storytelling is core to my process when creating design strategies and communicating these to stakeholders. I also create journey maps, content strategy and information architecture when working on designs. I believe that good design involves creating a narrative/story around an understanding of how users comprehend things.

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