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Coverting a brand strategy into a digital design strategy and design principles for a global fintech company with SuperUnion

SuperUnion asked me to come on board and work with a creative design team, user researcher and brand strategist to create a set of north star design principles for a Fintech Issuing Company looking to transform themselves from a brand and digital perspective.

This required me to take the research that had been done and create a strategy for the digital design principles. I used a number of methods and techniques to develop the principles with the team.

(Client name redacted for confidentiality)

North Star Digital Design Principles

SuperUnion 1

Our approach

When I joined the team the discovery and research had been completed and a brand mission had been defined.

So we set out an approach for the next step which was to define the digital design principles.

For this I pulled out the key questions that they wanted to answer as part of defining these principles.

SuperUnion 2

Brand objectives and positioning from the research

The user researcher and brand strategist that I worked with on this project had set out the brand objectives and positioning for this project.

They had also put together the key research findings. This gave me a really good foundation to start to build the strategy. It. allowed me to see the areas that I needed to start building inspiration for, from looking at the competitor landscape and where they could position themselves from a better UX/ Digital perspective.

SuperUnion 3

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Competitor analysis

They had already started looking at direct competitors of the company, but for a digital strategy they needed to start considering the UX landscape and good UX practices that could inspire a different direction and strategy for their digital approach.

SuperUnion 4

Jobs As Progress framework workshop to create the principles

The next phase was to run a Jobs As Progress workshop with the team to define the user needs from the research and understand the higher level motivations that came from that. I ran this workshop with the team and the company stakeholders.

SuperUnion 5

Six Design Principles

From the workshop and user needs I grouped the key themes identified and was able to create a set of six key design principles that would allow the company to design around with user needs and higher level motivations at the heart of each one.

SuperUnion 6

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Explaining the thinking behind the principles - Principle 1

Each principle came from a telling the story of the needs of the user. I crafted these from the research, stakeholder input and Jobs As Progress frameworks that allowed me to understand the core patterns of behaviour and motivations

SuperUnion 7

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