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Service design & design strategy for Life & Health products

For this project I was fortunate to have a very experienced Product Owner who had in- depth knowledge about how Life customers behaved, and what their expectations were. We created a plan for how we wanted to approach the product and decided that we wanted it to be very disruptive with our approach.

I started by doing some desk research into customers and the existing site, and I created a site map.

Project planning/ brief

Aviva Life insurance design

User testing the existing journey

To start the process myself and the product owner spent 2 days testing the existing Life Insurance product to find out where the key pain points were and the problems users were experiencing.

Aviva Life insurance research

Workshop with stakeholders in York

I then ran a design thinking workshop with the Life Insurance product stakeholders in York. The stakeholders were from different parts of the business, e.g call centres, propositions, marketing.

This gave us a chance to feedback the user testing to the stakeholders. I created 8 videos of users going through the Life product, highlighting the problems users were experiencing.

I then ran design thinking exercises to problem solve some of the key pain points. This meant the stakeholders came up with several ideas to solve problems, and had buy in to the solutions.

Aviva Life insurance workshop 1
Aviva Life insurance workshop 2

Service Mapping the existing user experience, and a suggested new experience

After the research I had done on Life Insurance there were a number of insights I had discovered about the way people approach it and the journey they go on buying Life Insurance for the first time.

I drew out the existing journey that users go on when approaching Life Insurance and what they are feeling, thinking and doing when arriving at the Aviva Life Insurance product.

I then also drew out the ideal journey for users, ideas for how we could improve the journey for them based on what we had learnt.

I also included some more off the wall ideas.

Aviva Life insurance research

Strategy for a new approach

Using insight from the propositions team, who were working on a project to combine Aviva Life & Health Insurance, I created a strategy document for the project. This explained the story of the users journey into our Life & Health products and what we need to do to redesign the experience around their needs.

Aviva Life insurance strategy

Calculator concept

The strategy that I put together to create a new
experience for Life and Health customers led to the concept of a calculator.

When users arrived at the site they clicked on ‘Get a quote’ rather than scrolling down the page. This meant that they missed vital information about Aviva Life Insurance and Life Insurance in general. What we found was that users wanted to be educated about Life Insurance, but they ended up going through the quote journey, and this did not educate them.

The idea of having a calculator journey, rather than just providing a quote, was to help users learn what they wanted to protect, and how much protection they might need.

Aviva Life insurance design sketching
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