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DEXT Software

Powering multiple teams to test & re-imagine a strategy for Packaging & Pricing at Dext Software

Kicking off the discovery with multiple teams

This project crossed over all of the different product teams at DEXT. When I arrived these teams were not aligned to the stakeholder vision of the Packaging & Pricing, but they had a huge amount of deep knowledge and expertise within their specialist teams. 

I knew that the success of this project would depend on utilising their power and knowledge to steer the direction and inform the way forward. 

I started by creating a plan to include the teams and set out a series of research activities that we would complete in phase 1 of the research. 

DEXT User Research Strategy

Stakeholder & Team Alignment Workshop

To align the team and utilise their power, I designed a Stakeholder & Team Alignment Workshop for the team to come together and decide on a way forward. 

I found that the team had lots of pieces of information that had not been brought together, and they had not considered the approach for this new Pricing & Packaging strategy. 

This workshop brought everyone together and most importantly allowed me to gather the information I needed to set up the research. 

DEXT Workshop
DEXT Workshop 2

Discovery Research Phase 1 Playback

Once I had synthesised the results I played back the results to the different teams and stakeholders.

This research included results from


  • Qualitative research interviews with users

  • Natural behaviour testing on how they might discover software

  • A card sorting test to understand how users might categorise information

I then wanted the team to empathise and understand the findings at a deeper level so I conducted an ideation workshop directly after the playback.

The users I tested with in this round were predominantly new to Dext, and had not used accounting software before. 

DEXT User Research Report 1
DEXT User Research Strategy 2
DEXT User Research Report 3
DEXT User Groups
DEXT User Research Report 4

Empathy Mapping & Journey Mapping workshops

Part of working with this team also involved training and coaching the team through new workshop techniques to generate ideas and design around the research. 

I conducted two workshops with this team to allow them empathise with the findings of the research and the user groups identified. They then generated a series of ideas to move forward with, and prioritised them.

DEXT User Research Report 2
DEXT Card Sorting

Planning for the next round of research

The next part of the research involved speaking to only existing Dext users, categorised by their existing user groups that had been identified. 

The previous round of testing provided a lot of insight into how we could improve the concept that we originally tested.

DEXT User Research Strategy
DEXT User Research Report 5

Second Phase Research & User Testing 

We updated the original concept and conducted user testing alongside qualitative research to understand existing user response. 

DEXT Wireframe Mapping

Playing back the results of the Second Phase Research & Testing and setting a Strategy for a way forward

From this second round of qualitative research and testing I put together the results and a suggested strategy for a way forward. 

I then played this back to the same product teams and asked for their input. This was a set of work that they could then take forward for the next stage of the product development. 

DEXT User Research Report 6
DEXT User Research Report 7
DEXT User Research Report 8
DEXT User Research Report 9
DEXT User Research Report 10
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