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About me

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  At Work     I am a Design Strategist, User Researcher and Workshop Facilitator with 15 years experience. I’ve worked across many different industries and sectors, including The Guardian, GOV.UK (DHSC), The NHS, The BBC, ustwo, Dext Software, Aviva, SuperUnion, ATG, Findmypast, Which? and Big Sofa (Now LifeStream).


I lead multidisciplinary teams to create digital products around an authentic understanding of user motivations and behaviours. Bringing user centred experiences to life using research, storytelling, problem solving and empathy.

I have developed deep expertise in my field and have years of experience leading and mentoring diverse teams to deliver change and innovation.

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Outside Work I throw myself into many different groups and experiences. This has helped me grow and see life with a different perspective.

I’ve found that with the courage to go out and meet new people, I have discovered magical things. This has given me the confidence I've needed to meet and work with new and varied groups of people.

I love folk music and through this have found my community, we sit round fires and sing and swim together in the wild. I also love travelling to new places and being with new groups, hiking and discovering new places. 

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