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Quantitative Surveys

I've use software like Qualtrics, Hotjar, Survey Monkey, or UserZoom to gather feedback about users by asking them direct questions about how they are using a particular software/website.

Using something like Hotjar gives me the benefit of being able to place the survey directly on the website to ask live users questions about them and their experience.

Running surveys via software like Surveymonkey, or UserZoom allowed me to gather feedback from recruited user groups, using screeners that I could create within their platforms.

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Quantitative Survey Questions

To gather responses to a product concept or iteration, it might make sense to send a survey out to a recruited sample size via UserZoom. This ensures that you are gathering insight from people who use the software. If it is possible to run directly on the live software then even better.

Example questions for the survey might be:

  • How often do they use the software?

  • When do they use the software

  • What prompted them to use the software

  • How long have they been using the software for?

  • How useful have they found it?

  • Has their day to day work improved as a result of using it?

  • What prompted them to use it in the first place?

  • Which parts of the software are helpful to them and why?

  • Which parts of the software are unhelpful or not good and why?

  • What would they do to change or improve the


  • Do they have access needs?

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